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The goal of my channel is to make you a better photographer. It does not matter how much you know about photography. If you are interested in becoming better in photography I am sure my channel will help you! I post my Wednesday Vlog video once a week. That covers more the business side of photography and the philosophy about it. I will talk about phenomena around photography etc. Other playlists will cover the gear and I will make tutorials and videos about photographers lifestyle.


I am a Helsinki, Finland based photographer, a Visual Content Creator, a podcaster, a vlogger, a blogger and a writer. I am also an Olympus European Visionary. I started my photographic career in the late 80s and have been a freelancer since 1994. My love of photography started back in the 70s when I bought my first SLR, a Cosina CS-1. I used my first ever pay check from a summer job to buy that camera. I ruined my nice hobby and became a Pro in the late 80s. Of course thats not all true. I still have photography as a hobby. I think its important to take pictures all the time. I also use my mobile phone as a camera a lot. It helps to see the world around you by carrying a camera all the time. I mostly post my mobile photos on Instagram.

In 2008 I started to learn more about videography and now its a big part of my services. I have also written several books about photography. My first book was Hyvä Kuva in 2004. Its in Finnish and the title means a Good Picture. Its a book for people who are ”forced” to take photos for their employer even though they are not photographers. Main target is the people that work in the communications departments.

Better Images books were written with Jukka Kolari. The book series was made for Canon. Better Images books have been translated in to many languages, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and all the Nordic languages. I have been blogging (in Finnish) over 10 years. In the fall of 2015 I started to Vlog. It was mostly in Finnish. Its was about Photography and Phenomena around it. It covers a wide range of things about photography. In the beginning of year 2018 I started to do my Vlogs in english.

In the spring of 2016 I started a Podcast with my fellow photographer and blogger Matti Sulanto. Podcast Valoaalloilla covers gear and photography as a business. Valoaalloilla podcast is in finnish. I am also a member of the Editorial Board in Kameralehti, the biggest camera magazine in Finland.


My main service is image making and creating Visual content that helps your business grow. I also consult businesses to understand the importance of visual communications and help them to get the right visual content. If you need any assistance in creating visual content in your business, please contact me and lets make some Visual Content!







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